Hospitals and Affordable Care Organizations

Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescriptions

Each year in the US, millions of antibiotics are inapproriately prescribed.

 • Over 130 million in outpatient setting

• 12 million in hospital setting

• 2.1 million in nursing homes

Patient mortality increases by 300% when antibiotics inappropriately prescribed

Pricing Pressure

Hospital acquired infections play a large role in CMS quality programs: hospital readmission reduction, value-based purchasing and hospital acquired conditions programs.

For example, a 250-bed hospital may experience $4-5 million in penalties due to CMS quality initiatives and non-reimbursement.

25% to 200% of the hospital operating margin depending on hospital creditworthiness.

Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Average increase in medical costs per patient with antibiotic-resistant (ABR) infections: $18,588 – $29,069

Duration of hospital stays for patients with ABR infections extended 6.4 – 12.7 days

Hospital-Associated ABR Infections

 • 1 in 6 central-line associated bloodstream infections

1 in 7 surgical site infections

1 in 10 catheter-associated urinary tract infections

Pharmaceutical Companies

Drug Discovery

Our facility, models and software tools can speed up drug discovery

 • Preclinical infection models for assessing new chemical entities

• Tools integrating preclinical efficacy, bacterial responses and safety markers to guide drug discovery efforts

Drug Development and Clinical Trials

Integrated service enabling antibiotic drug development and translation into clinical setting

 • Tools to predict treatment duration in development

• Software tools to select patients with desired antibiotic resistance profiles within hours for patient recruitment and enabling adaptive trials