LuminaCare Solutions Joins the Venture Development Center


This week, UMass Boston welcomed LuminaCare Solutions to the Venture Development Center. Co-founders David Howe and Stephen Chiricosta are developing a software platform to help doctors treat patients with multi-drug resistant (MDR) infections.

MDR infections are challenging to treat and expensive for hospitals and patients alike. LuminaCare’s platform will help doctors factor in patient information, lab results, drug information, and bacterial information when selecting dosages for patients. According to Howe, this platform will get patients treated and out of the hospital at a faster rate.

LuminaCare joins several other bioscience companies in the VDC, including Parabase Genomics, enEvolv, and the Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy.

“We wanted to start out in a high-paced environment where we’d be around students,” says Howe. While the company only has two employees at this time, they are looking to expand rapidly.

VDC director Bill Brah is excited to have LuminaCare on board. “LuminaCare”s eagerness to join the UMass Boston community is further proof that we have created a premiere space where entrepreneurs in life science, healthcare, and information technology can take their innovative ideas and bring them to market.”